Watford has a great collection of parks and open spaces and these are an important part of what makes Watford an inviting place to live, work and visit. Watford Borough Council is implementing its Sports Facilities Strategy (2015-25) by focusing on the development of sports provision at one of the Strategic Sports Sites identified in the strategy – Woodside North and Woodside Playing Fields.


In November 2017, the council appointed The Sport, Leisure and Culture Consultancy (SLC) to develop a Master Plan and feasibility study for the creation of new and improved sports and community facilities at Woodside Playing Fields.

The Council’s Cabinet met in June 2018 to review the Master Plan and approved the further development of the outline proposals including consultation with stakeholders and the wider public. SLC are managing this consultation on behalf of the Council.


In November 2019, following detailed studies, review of various options and further consultation, the first phase of the project was approved. This phase includes for the development of Watford Cricket Club and Boxing Club accommodation, developing and updating the changing rooms, which are used by cricket and football users, incorporating a community café, enhancing the adjacent children’s play areas, and increasing the car parking provision for the site.

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