Watford Borough Council, The Sport, Leisure and Culture Consultancy (SLC) and Southern Green Landscape Architects have developed a detailed masterplan and feasibility study for Woodside Playing Fields which built upon the previous masterplanning work. The first phase of the project to provide a Community Sport Hub was agreed.

The first phase of the project is to utilise a mixture of new build and existing historic buildings to develop a Community Sport Hub. The first phase boundary is outlined blue on the master plan drawing - Masterplan Final Draft ➤

What is a “Community Sports Hub”

The new Community Sports Hub on the western side of the Site will focus on delivering a sustainable facility that can increase participation, engage local communities, and offer up-to-date facilities for users of the boxing, cricket and football clubs on the site. The Hub will comprise:

  • Up to date facilities for cricket and football to players of all ages and both sexes and will include social accommodation overlooking the enclosed cricket pitch and the grass football pitch immediately to the east of it. Redevelopment of the locally listed buildings to provision upgraded changing rooms for other clubs using the grass pitches.  

  • Improvements to Watford Boxing Club accommodation through general refurbishment, space optimisation, heating, ventilation and other general improvements.

  • Creation of community spaces by repurposing the historic stable block

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