Frequently asked questions

Which area of the site is affected?

This project will impact areas to the West side of the Woodside Site. The project boundary is shown in blue outline on the master plan drawing which can be viewed on the Master Plan page.

What consultation has been carried out?

Watford Borough Council has undertaken a number of consultation events. In 2012 the Council commissioned an evidence based study and analysis of sport facilities in the town. Supply of and demand was looked at for a range of common sports facilities in the Borough and the consultation identified the need for cost effectively improving provision to meet local demand; In 2015 the Council commissioned a stakeholder workshop to look at options for delivering Watford’s first Strategic Sports Site at Woodside North and initiated the master planning process. A wide range of stakeholders were invited to contribute to the workshop including the Cricket Club, Bowls Clubs, Watford Harriers, Boxing Club and others. The Council received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the resident clubs on the site, national bodies that were consulted and the local community.

How much will the project cost? Who is funding it?

The project will be funded from Council’s capital budget. Costs are estimated to be between £5.5 million and 6 million however firm costs will be known once the design is developed.

How long will take?

The detail design phase is expected to be completed in early 2021 with work on site being completed by mid-2022.

Who is delivering the project?

The project will be delivered by Watford Borough Council with specialist support from a multi-disciplinary design team.

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